I got a commission to do a gray kitty in the style of Pinky Bun Bun…had a heckuva time getting the colors of the mohair and the wool roving to be somewhere in the same ballpark. Lots of dying and re-dying, but once the roving dried it ended up being a really nice blend with mohair, which started out as a pale blue with bright blue backing.

Then I used my old stand-by…cherry Koolaid, to dye some nice raw silk fabric for the insides of the ears. The whiskers are made with this thick pure linen thread I'd ordered a while back but have never used. That worked out well…

And he's got a little curvy tail that enables him to stand on his own! And he kinda scowls like my own crazy Himalayan…

Gray kitty a (Large)

Gray kitty c (Large)

Gray kitty d (Large)