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So, the amazing Mab Graves and I recently went hog wild with the release of three sets of Vampoodles (Mab’s “Vampire Poodle” character)…consisting of her teeny tiny hand painted cameo necklace, and my felted rendition of the poodle.  There were pink ones, blue ones, “Bloodles”, and Ghosties…white ones with legs and eyes that glow in the dark.

Here we go:

The worktable:

The Army, or half of it!

Mab’s teeny perfect cameo:


The glowing beastie…


I was asked by Cynthia of GGsdolls to recreate her cute little vintage doggy in dollhouse size…it was SO fun to make!

Here is the vintage:

And here is my interpretation:

So, by popular demand (LOL!), I’ve decided to offer a pattern of my Cheshire Cat plush.  It’s the first thing I’m listing in my new Etsy shop, offering patterns, kits, destash and supplies.  It’s called Violetstash.  I’m starting off with this pattern, in 2 sizes, offered as a PDF file via email.  Very soon I plan to offer it also as a kit, and as a hard copy pattern.

There will be more patterns to come!!

I was so excited by Gaia’s (Bambina Carabina) idea to auction something I’ve made for Blythe for Japan relief charity…so I decided this little rooster would be just the thing.

Here’s a link to the auction…going on now:

MR. TINY ROOSTER Charity Auction

I was approached by Simplicity patterns in 2009 to design an animal pattern for them.  It was a really fun process and they are really wonderful to deal with.  So I made it, and it was supposed to come out that spring. but they had budget cuts and such. Then it was pushed forward to holiday 2010, but never happened. So I gave up…until just now, when I accidentally ran across it yesterday (it pays to google yourself periodically)…and here it is…yay!!

Now I just need to track one down at the fabric store…

I was looking through a book on animators from the 1950’s, and saw a Tex Avery sketch of a stick horse. It reminded me of the stick horses I’d had as a kid, and then it gave me the idea…a stick horse for dolls…!

Ah…a quartet of chimps!

All m 

Monkeys return 014 (Large)

Monkeys return 009 (Large)

Monkeys return 004 (Large)

…because he is the color of chewing gum (in my mind):

Checked elly b (Large)

Checked elly a (Large)

Checked elly c (Large)

Checked elly d (Large)

Had a wonderful commission to do a dearly departed pet kitty in needle felting…with a “tusk”. The kitty had bottom tooth that stuck out (sweet!!)…and he was white. I liked it so much I dyed some white wool in koolaid (love dying with koolaid!) and made another cat which is as yummy as frosting…



Today, stuck at home in a blizzard, I made a prototype for a Blythe-sized CHeshire Cat…a request from Brigitte (Zombuki Pullips)…here is a grey one,with a black one soon to follow:Tiny_chesh_007_large Tiny_chesh_011_large

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