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This is my last belated update….the little snowmen I made this past holiday season:

tiny sno 003

snoguys 004

snoguys 006 snoguys 014 snoguys 019 snoguys 021


I had been doing a lot of the little “ragdoll” girls with crazy hairs…but wanted a proper doll with pose-able arms and legs. So I tried wrapping floral wire with lace weight yarn…I ended up loving them….

Galina the Crazy Haired Ballerina Dolly

Marina the Crazy Haired Ballerina Dolly

Mira the Ballerina Bride Dolly

Vera the Ballerina Bride Dolly

In October, I was having a lot of trouble with my hand from felting, and was unable to do much, but wanted to do some seasonal Halloween-y things….so I came up with these ghosts. They turned out to be a ton of fun to do:

ghosts 002 ghosts 015

ghosts 006 ghosts 007 ghosts 008 ghosts 009 ghosts 010 ghosts 011 ghosts 012 ghosts 014

Back in spring of 2013, I started having a ball making all these little dollies with crazy mohair locks…here are just a few:

1stuffs 055 polar and dollies 049 hh 044 color dolls II 022 color dolls II 003 2headed 002 6grls 016 6grls 003 color dollies 014 color dollies 024hatdolls 032

Mab Graves, ah the great Mab Graves…and I have produced series number three of  our Vampoodles collaboration. There were 20 in this edition…the little felted poodle, by me, and Mab’s precious and amazing teeny tiny cameo necklace…painted with a one-haired brush and a magnifying glass.

Here are a few pics:



Yep…tiny clowns…..

And a little custom:

And round 2:

It’s been my dream for such a long time to make a Humpty Dumpty. I finally decided now is the time. I started him about TWO months ago, and the basic egg was done and sculpted in felt for a while as I tried to come up with the best way to do his hands and outfit. It was a challenge, but I’m pretty happy with him.

He has all wool felted egg, face, legs and arms/hands. His shoes were store-bought (!). I used Irish linen for his shirt, all hand sewn, and an amazing rayon velvet in royal blue for his short pants.  He has 3 gold buttons, and a very happy smile. As he sits here on my piano, he almost looks like he will start talking to me.

Here he is, moving backward in time:

Again this year I was invited to submit two pieces to Rivet Gallery, for the Stuff This holiday show of plush works.

I made a pair of holiday bunny ornaments in mohair and needle felting…I kind of loved them….

I was commissioned to do a tiny version of Jeep, the dog from Popeye…and of Pluto…who everyone knows. They are fully jointed and the little Pluto was a real bugger to make, but I liked how he turned out:

I remade my Green Retro Bunny, and also made a White Giraffe on request…the giraffe was so much fun to make, all wired inside…and this bunny made me happier than any of the others. His eyes are a tad larger, and he has a tail-on-a-wire:

Green Bun 2 a (Large) 

Green bun 2 b (Large) 

New preorder bun 019 (Large)

Cute little rear view!

New preorder bun 021 (Large) 

And White Giraffe (with Miss Page):

White gir e (Large) 

White gir d (Large)

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