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This past weekend, I released quite a few little ones that I had been working on for a few weeks. Here’s the troupe….

Prince the Pug and BooBoo the Boston:



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Tulip and Elodi:

1cartel 027 1cartel 030


1cartel 023 1cartel 022


Cliquot and Ambre :

1cartel 006 1cartel 009 1cartel 013 1cartel 016


Spanky the Elephant Shrew and Olive:


1cartel 032


I got the idea for making some bunny ears just like the ones I make for my mohair bunnies…complete with the gorgeous grosgrain bow I always use…for DOLLS…and I had to do it THE NEXT DAY. I was that excited about them.  It took a little R&D as to how to do the headband. I wanted a real headband but really there are none to be found anywhere…but I figured it out. And they are super easy to pop on…and super gorgeous, covered with velvet ribbon on both sides…super secure.

And here are a few:

These little ones have been laying here without faces for 2 weeks…and this weekend I finally got around to finishing them…each has a red bow and a Swarovski and Czech crystal necklace for some sparkle…

Here’s the Bunnies:

Here’s Lucinda the Kitty:

This one is Tatienne:

And Violette:


And finally, Matilda:

I just moved my blog over here…so hi hi hi! I’m off to redesign it a bit!

I hit 300 hearts on etsy a couple days ago. I remember when I was waiting for the 200 mark..Thanks to all the wonderful sweeties out there in crafty land! Cheers to people who use their hands for cuteness and to those who appreciate it! I heart all of them! Love love love!!!

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