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I had a critter vision one day, made a sketch, and then had to go and figure out what animal it might look like…and it turns out there is an animal called and Elephant Shrew, with a VERY long snout…so that is what I call them…and here is my prototype:

shrew 002

shrew 003 shrew 004 shrew 006

Here is the subsequent mini-collection:

shrews 006

shrews 014 shrews 025 shrews 028 shrews 007


Here are my tiniest silk velvets…all about 3 inches tall:


tinyvelvet 002 lastof13 023 lastof13 015


And one in a vintage flocked velvet:

lastof13 009

I have discovered silk velvet…and though it’s tricky to work with…as in it needs to have a stabilizer applied to the back, or just forget about making little critters with it…the result is the most amazing and elegant looking thing. Here was my first one…Violetta:

snoguys 028 snoguys 024 snoguys 029

And some more, bigger and smaller:

1velvets 018 1velvets 015 1velvets 016 1velvets 017


1velvets 031

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