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So, by popular demand (LOL!), I’ve decided to offer a pattern of my Cheshire Cat plush.  It’s the first thing I’m listing in my new Etsy shop, offering patterns, kits, destash and supplies.  It’s called Violetstash.  I’m starting off with this pattern, in 2 sizes, offered as a PDF file via email.  Very soon I plan to offer it also as a kit, and as a hard copy pattern.

There will be more patterns to come!!

Pascale, the fantastic woman behind Chic so Chic…(and a special friend of mine!), has featured my creations in her new blog, which she has created just to interview and talk about artists she admires…

Go HERE for more!!

Here is one of Pascale's marvelous photos…

Flickr Photos

In the thick of it

Snuggling under the cover on a rainy night.... #fingerdings #remcodolls #vintagedolls  #1960s

Breath of Spring! Just arrived.....third Finger Ding.....:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: #fingerdingdoll #vintageremco

Blinky the Sleep-eye Bear...with her blanky and pillow

Made lemon curd this morning... #ilovelemon #lemoncurd

WIP goofy bun

More Photos

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