This past weekend, I released quite a few little ones that I had been working on for a few weeks. Here’s the troupe….

Prince the Pug and BooBoo the Boston:



1cartel 041 1cartel 044 1cartel 046 1cartel 060 1cartel 061 1cartel 062


Tulip and Elodi:

1cartel 027 1cartel 030


1cartel 023 1cartel 022


Cliquot and Ambre :

1cartel 006 1cartel 009 1cartel 013 1cartel 016


Spanky the Elephant Shrew and Olive:


1cartel 032

This is my last belated update….the little snowmen I made this past holiday season:

tiny sno 003

snoguys 004

snoguys 006 snoguys 014 snoguys 019 snoguys 021

I don’t know how long I have been planning to do a mohair giraffe…well, not planning as much as thinking about planning. Then I had a customer request on after seeing some of my recent velvet deer on Facebook. I was so happy to get the request, and she was so lovely about leaving it open to be creative. Here is the prototype:



And here are a couple more that I’ve done since:

2giraffes 002

2giraffes 012

2orders 012

I had a critter vision one day, made a sketch, and then had to go and figure out what animal it might look like…and it turns out there is an animal called and Elephant Shrew, with a VERY long snout…so that is what I call them…and here is my prototype:

shrew 002

shrew 003 shrew 004 shrew 006

Here is the subsequent mini-collection:

shrews 006

shrews 014 shrews 025 shrews 028 shrews 007

Here are my tiniest silk velvets…all about 3 inches tall:


tinyvelvet 002 lastof13 023 lastof13 015


And one in a vintage flocked velvet:

lastof13 009

I have discovered silk velvet…and though it’s tricky to work with…as in it needs to have a stabilizer applied to the back, or just forget about making little critters with it…the result is the most amazing and elegant looking thing. Here was my first one…Violetta:

snoguys 028 snoguys 024 snoguys 029

And some more, bigger and smaller:

1velvets 018 1velvets 015 1velvets 016 1velvets 017


1velvets 031

I had been doing a lot of the little “ragdoll” girls with crazy hairs…but wanted a proper doll with pose-able arms and legs. So I tried wrapping floral wire with lace weight yarn…I ended up loving them….

Galina the Crazy Haired Ballerina Dolly

Marina the Crazy Haired Ballerina Dolly

Mira the Ballerina Bride Dolly

Vera the Ballerina Bride Dolly

Mice or Dormice? You decide…

In October, I was having a lot of trouble with my hand from felting, and was unable to do much, but wanted to do some seasonal Halloween-y things….so I came up with these ghosts. They turned out to be a ton of fun to do:

ghosts 002 ghosts 015

ghosts 006 ghosts 007 ghosts 008 ghosts 009 ghosts 010 ghosts 011 ghosts 012 ghosts 014

Maisie and Butter:

March Hare and dormouse:




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